Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Put A Smile On Your Face.

by maxtooth on November 6, 2012

A Teeth Whitening SmileCosmetic dentistry is a great way to boost a person’s self-confidence and emotional health.  Cosmetic dentistry procedures such as invisible braces, implants, crowns or teeth whitening may cost more than the typical general dental procedures but in terms of the morale and joy they give, the cost is negligible.

Here are some of the more popular kinds of cosmetic dentistry services and the benefits they give the people:

1.  Porcelain veneers – Porcelain veneers are sheets of porcelain permanently affixed to the front side of the tooth to enhance the look of the tooth.  Porcelain veneers are the best choices of dentists to address crooked, chipped, worn, discolored or yellowed teeth.  Veneers made today are identical to natural teeth and that is why they are also very good replacements for lost teeth.  Furthermore, they never stain.  They effectively correct minor teeth imperfections and can be used in lieu of braces for light misalignments.  Veneers do not discolor which is the biggest benefit a person can get from this service.

2.  Crowns – A crown also like veneers can substantially improve the look of a tooth.  Their difference lies in the fact that a crown wholly covers a tooth which veneers do not do.  Besides being a cosmetic tooth enhancer, crowns benefit people by protecting the tooth from decay and corruption.

3.  Invisible braces – People who suffer from severe misalignments caused by overcrowded teeth, large tooth gaps, overbite and underbite can have these corrected with invisible braces.  This service opts for transparently clear aligners to correct the bad alignment.  Invisible braces are much better than conventional braces because the former can be removed for eating, flossing and brushing.  The benefit to invisible braces is that people need not be self-conscious of the braces they are wearing because it is distinctly invisible.

4.  Tooth whitening – Often people who are relatively seniors or even in their 40’s or 50’s may suffer from tooth discoloration due to several factors.  Some of these factors may include everyday drinking of coffee, and chocolate among many other factors which have directly caused their teeth to lose their natural white color.  Because of this, many people may become self-conscious and become insecure if their discolored teeth have caused their smile to suffer.  Teeth whitening service is a perfect solution to this teeth discoloration problem.  There are do-it-yourself teeth whitening home kits available at the local pharmacy.  However, these kits do not provide the superior teeth whitening quality dentists give to their patient for the simple fact that the products dentists use are much better oftentimes giving more times the magnitude of brightness teeth whitening home kits provide.  Over the counter tooth whitening home kits do work but they will never be as better the in office service dentists give.

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