Today’s Scope of Modern Dental Services in Fort Lauderdale

by maxtooth on March 7, 2012

The treatment procedures offered by dentists have expanded by leaps and bounds in the last decade.  So many products and technologies have arisen that allow people to enjoy the cleanest and healthiest mouth anyone can possibly enjoy. From traditional emergency care to  cosmetic procedures, the dentist of today have at their disposal techniques, equipments and procedures to alter the negative image of that patients have of their dentists and turn it onto a healthy and positive healthy one.

Thirty or more years ago, veneers that were installed into a patient’s tooth were not guaranteed to last 5 years or even less.  Modern technology has now built very durable porcelain veneers that can last for up to 30 years and more.  Even the modern procedures the dentist Fort Lauderdale use to check on your teeth has become quite efficient.  Today, the dentist does not have to depend on a small hand-held mirror or x-rays to determine your mouth and teeth’s health; instead he/she can now rely on intraoral cameras, equipments as small as a pen that handily examines your mouth and teeth.  There is no harmful radiation which you are exposed to and the camera can be navigated in your mouth to get snapshot photos of each tooth you have.  The photos can be magnified in resolution that easily helps to identify and problems in the teeth or mouth.

One other progress especially in the field of orthodontics is the making of Invisalign.  These are braces that are clear and somewhat transparent to the eyes when they are placed in the teeth.  They are made from materials known as aligners and comprise of clear plastic resin and can be removed providing a less conspicuous and more convenient option to conventional braces.

Generally even today, cavities are usually detected only when they start becoming painful.  Today, with the invention of laser cavity detection, cavities can now easily be detected even before they start hurting.  A laser device is used to help detect the onset of cavities by applying fluorescent lasers and wavelengths to the mouth.  The presence of tooth decay will alter the light and also become known through auditory response or a numeric reading.

In the realm of tooth extraction, the extracted tooth can be discarded but an implant can be a better replacement for the original lost tooth.  Dental implants now often replace the root of the old tooth and can conveniently eliminate complications arising from a missing tooth.  Other notable modern procedures that did not exist 30 years ago but offered now are mini-implants, advanced teeth whitening procedures and products and tooth colored fillings. Today, the services offered by the Fort Lauderdale dentist are truly amazing.  They attract more patients who probably would never consider going to the dentist except when suffering from severe toothaches thirty or so years ago.

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