Tips For Finding The Right Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

by maxtooth on February 7, 2012

The first thing to do to find a good family dentist is to determine whether the Fort Lauderdale dentist is a qualified practitioner in the state of Florida and whether he or she is a graduate from a reputable program or school.  You also need to know how long the dentist has been practicing dentistry.  This does not mean a newly graduate dentist is not a good dentist, many new graduates may be much better than many long time dentists; however people tend to be more comfortable having their teeth taken care of by a Fort Lauderdale dentist who has been in practice for several years.  A good dentist usually is a member of at least one professional organization.  If the dentist has a website, then do some research about the dentist.  Take note of the dentist’s family background, dental education and other vital factors like credentials and awards.  If the Ft. Lauderdale dentist does not have a website, you can call his or her office to ask about the dental services they offer and the procedures he/she uses in treating the patient’s dental issues.

The Dentist in Fort Lauderdale

Family, friends and reliable acquaintances can also be good source of information about a dentist in Fort Lauderdale, and they can refer you to a really good one.   If you are budget conscious, ask if the dentist charges reasonable rates, gives discounts or if the dentist is cool to payment plans to patients who are in a financial crunch.  Ask if scheduling an appointment within a certain period of time can be difficult.  Gather all the referrals, then call the dentists and ask if they are still taking in new patients.  While you’re at it, ask them about insurance coverage too.

When you have trimmed your list of your potential Fort Lauderdale family dentist, schedule an appointment to visit their office.  Some offices are cool to you just stopping by and checking out the office while others do require scheduling an appointment.  When you are in the office, observe everything – especially the staff and the office itself.  A clean, good smelling and orderly office are always good indications of a good staff and good dentist.  Observe if the staff makes it a point to make the patient as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  It is important to know whether the dentist provides services and procedures you think you and your family might need in the future.  This can help avoid the hassle of needing to see different dentists for different kinds of dental problems.

Lastly, talk with the dentist.  Ask him or her about anything you need to know about them and the procedures and services the Ft. Lauderdale dentist offers.  Ask about payment plans, the rates he or she charges per service or procedure.  Talking to the dentist will give you an idea of his or her personality and how he or she interacts with patients. You are likely to get a good idea how the dentist cares for his patients. It makes it comforting to know you’ve found a gentle and caring dentist in Fort Lauderdale who will make you feel at ease during painful procedures.

The Different Kinds of Dentists

Dentists usually have different types of specialization. Most people assume that dentists are all the same and all they do is to get a cavity filled or clean the teeth.  However, the truth is there are different types of dentists and each has their own specializations.  Some go beyond the work of a normal or cosmetic dentist and have training in a specialized area of dentistry, which most normal dentists do not have.

Pediatric Dentist

As the name suggests, a pediatric dentist deals with the dental care and health of children. Most people think that all dentists are the same and so would take their children to a regular dentist.  However, the best specialist to care for the teeth of infants to young teenagers is the pediatric dentist.  Of course, the pediatric dentist will do the same procedures such as cavity filling, teeth cleaning, oral examinations, etc. as a regular Fort Lauderdale dentist, but they are trained more to handle a child’s teeth which are physiologically different to adults and thus need treatment and care designed specifically for a child’s dental needs.


People often cringe when they think about orthodontic procedures.  The orthodontist usually deals with teeth alignment.  It is his or her responsibility to properly correct misaligned teeth.  It is the orthodontist who recommends and applies teeth braces or other appliances to correctly align and straighten the teeth.

Oral Surgeon

Regular dentists are skilled enough to perform daily teeth extractions.  However if an in depth procedure is required, the specialist you then need to see is the oral surgeon.  This type of dentist is the most qualified to do complex procedures on your teeth with the least amount of pain.   A decayed or corrupted wisdom tooth that causes pain will most likely be removed by an oral surgeon.


This type of dentist specializes in gum problems and care.  A person suffering from gingivitis needs the service of a periodontist to treat or prevent this problem. The periodontist also can perform surgical procedures involving gum problems, gum removal or gum restructuring


The endodontist is most skilled in performing complex root canal procedures.  A regular dentist is skilled enough to perform root canals.  In cases where the root canal problem is too deep, too laborious and too complex to perform for a regular dentist, then the patient should see an endodontist instead.  Where blood vessels, tooth enamel and nerves are involved, the endodontist is the person most capable of doing the job the right.

Most people do not realize that some of the aforementioned specialists even exist.  Without these specialists there will be so many people suffering today without hope of being properly treated.  Thankfully, these specialists provide a valuable service that helps us get through life in a happy and less discomforting way.

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